Waiting for a Mentor

These young people are looking for a mentor. Could it be you?

Zayden is an energetic 9 year old.  He enjoys Legos, video games, and playing outdoors.  He is looking for a mentor to help him focus and work on math and reading.

Damian is a shy but outgoing 16-year-old. He enjoys Minecraft, riding bike, electronics, and playing in the woods. He is looking for a mentor to spend one-on-one time with and get out of the house activities outside of the house.

Quite a wide range of interests sums up this 5- year-old girl, Olivia.  She enjoys getting dolled up in pretend make-up and playing dress-up. Olivia also enjoys running and jumping off her extra energy outside while she partakes in her favorite pastime ~ collecting Bugs!  The other thing about Miss Olivia, she will be doing all of this dressed in pink-her favorite color.

Tristin is a 13-year-old young man who is looking for someone to guide him and teach him some ‘manly man’ things.  When asked what he would like to do when a Mentor is found for him, he answered with a simple “Anything, just spend time together.”  Tristin’s all-time favorite meal is Beef Stroganoff, served over noodles of course!  His favorite color is Red and he enjoys Football.  When asked if there was anything he might like to try out with his Mentor, he said he always thought about trying Archery. If you think you just may have an extra quiver sitting with your hunting supplies that you’ve been meaning to blow the dust off of, why not make the call and find out more about becoming Tristin’s Mentor.

Sam is a 17-year-old boy in the 11th grade. Sam has an intensely strong interest in electronics and computers. He hopes to build his own PC, do web design, coding or more. Sam really wishes he could get a mentor to hang out with and talk about some of the decisions he will be making heading into his senior year and beyond.

Jacob is a 12-year-old boy. He enjoys helping others. He also enjoys playing with other children. Jacob is an outdoor enthusiast and is looking for a mentor that enjoys fishing, 4-wheeling and biking.  

Kaylynn is a 15-year-old girl. Kaylynn hopes to find a mentor to help guide her through the high school years. 

Jackson is a 9-year-old boy who enjoys coin collecting, BMX biking, and cats.  Jackson tells us he has 6 cats.  Jackson loves to go magnet fishing and is intrigued by just about everything train or railroad related.  Jackson says he is pretty excited to meet his mentor as long as they are NOT a fan of roller coasters cuz those he can do without!  

Taylynn is a 5-year-old girly-girl through and through.  She adores playing dress-up and Princess! She enjoys putting on play make-up, doing nails – you name it, anything glitzy!  Taylynn has a twin sister that acts as her mannequin, but she’d surely like a Mentor to do these things with and more. Taylynn likes to ride her bike, go to the park, do crafts and read! Yes, she can read by herself.  Taylynn lives with grandma whose mobility is limited so a Mentor who can get out and play, ride bikes and go to monthly Match Activities is just what Taylynn needs.

“Energetic” is one word that all of us here at the Kinship House think of when we think of our 5-year-old Nevaeh! If only we could bottle that up somehow!  Just like her twin sister, Nevaeh really enjoys riding her bike and going to parks.  She is a big fan of reading and loves to color and paint.  Like her twin sister, Nevaeh needs a Mentor who can get out and do things with her that her grandma is not able to do.

Zayn is filled to the brim with 5-year-old boy energy that is for certain!  At the end of the day, there is no stone left unturned.  Zayn is very active, loves to be outdoors, going to parks, sledding, or riding his bike.  When life keeps him inside, Zayn likes music, dancing, and reading.

Stephen is a 13-year-old young man that enjoys the outdoors. His favorite outdoor pastime is fishing, but he really likes many things outside. He even enjoys going for walks in the woods, because that is something he does not get the chance to do very often. Stephen likes to play and watch football, and he enjoys reading too! 

Jeriah is an 11-year-old boy.  He is looking for a mentor to spend time with outside 4-wheeling or even learning about guns and gun safety. His favorite subjects are math and gym!

Xavier is a 13-year-old happy, talkative teenager looking for a mentor. His favorite subjects are Math, Science and Phy Ed. He also enjoys football, soccer, wrestling, fishing, shooting archery and guns. He enjoys playing chess and video games, as well. He is always open to learning something new!

Asavari (info coming soon)

Riley is a 7-year-old and on the shy side. Riley likes to go to parks to play. He loves to color, and he really enjoys arts and crafts of many different types. Riles takes great pride in his penmanship and practices almost daily. He aspires to play baseball next season, and as with many of our other up north boys, he likes to go fishing!

Ozias is a 5-year-old boy looking for a mentor that enjoys swimming, fishing and riding bike. Ozias has great manners, but his mom is hoping for a stable, reliable, confident guy to teach him the art of being a gentleman. Ozias, on the other hand, is just hoping for a mentor to get him out of the “house of girls” he lives in as he is the only boy with 3 sisters. 

Alex is a 12-year-old boy. He is a sweet, easy to talk to young man. He enjoys dirt bike riding, open-water fishing, swimming, boating and target shooting.  He is really looking forward to being able to hunt next season if he can get his Hunter’s Safety Certificate.  He is looking for a mentor to spend time doing outdoor activities and hunting. 

Hunter (info coming soon)