Current Matches

These Mentors and KinsKids have been matched for over a year.

Daryl, Caryn and Jasper 3/21/23

Walt and Anthony 3/12/23

Jess and Zayden 3/1/23

Larry and Landyn 2/28/23

Cindy & Jack Bremer and Connor 5/31/22

Tami Hall and Shyann 6/13/22

Kris Berg and Aliannah 6/29/22

Brian & Michelle Arnott and Cylus 7/12/22

Amy Ploechelman and Katelyn 7/15/21

John Dziadosz and Hunter 4/14/21

Mark and Patti Gaedtke and Sean 8/2/20

Margie Welke and Elisabeth 11/5/19

Karen Darby family and Zachary 5/2/19

Abby Kraklow family and Aydin 3/19/19

Mark Schouweiler and Andrew 3/28/18

Matt and Elizabeth Anderson and Zach 2/1/18

Roxanne Klinger and Jeanine 9/5/17

Thersea and Kevin Burzynski and Dominic 7/27/17

Renee Raasch and family and Jacob 12/22/16

Dave Tormohlen and Damyen 12/14/15

Elizabeth Hilgendorf and Alexis 10/19/15

Phil Dahl and Anthony 7/22/14

Katie Carlson and Isis 12/12/10