What Is Mentoring All About

Kinship is a program that matches adult volunteers with boys and girls, ages 5 and older.


The goals of the program are to befriend children, who for a variety of reasons, need a special relationship with an adult who cares.

Each week the volunteer shares at least an hour with the child, arranging activities that both can find enjoyable. One week they might go fishing or to a movie, the next week they might just stay home and bake cookies or wash the car.


The activities themselves are not really important. What is important is that the volunteer and child spend time together each week. It’s really that simple. In time, this structured relationship often becomes a genuine friendship.

Guidelines For Becoming a Kinship Mentor

Volunteers are parents, grandparents, teachers, factory workers, doctors, single adults, etc. Caring individuals get involved in Kinship for many reasons.

Dependability and patience are important qualities of Kinship adults. Sharing a little time, different interests/talents, and friendship are all that is required as a Kinship volunteer.
Couples, singles and families can volunteer.

Adults in the community who can give encouragement, guidance, and nurturing are greatly needed.

If interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the application and sign all the forms (below) and return them to:

Kinship of Tomahawk
PO Box 653
Tomahawk, WI 54487

(715) 453-1910