New Matches

These Mentors and Kinskids are recent matches. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or have a child that is in need of mentoring, please contact the Kinship of Tomahawk office.

Brenda Crass and Asavari 3/26/24

Jennifer and Vince Van Rixel and their kids Payton and Ethan were matched tonight with Trevinn. 1/17/24

Eric and Crystal Hopp and Jackson 1/10/24

Chester Jaecks and Stephen – 1/9/24

Pandora and Allen Lobacz and Alex 11/16/23

Mike and Brittany Lemke and Family and Riley 10/25/23

Hank and Patty Tholl and Nevaeh 10/18/23

Becky Jaecks and Taylynn 9/18/23

Kay Olson and Richard 7/19/23

Katie Hilgendorf and Liam 7/13/23

Kris and Xander 6/6/23